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Discover Your Path to Freedom and Peace

"Joy and Rest Await Your Transformation"

-Joanna Hughes, JoyPath Founder
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You'll Move Beyond the Struggle

Are you tired of feeling stuck in painful relationships or patterns?  Do you find it exhausting to maintain a strong connection with God amidst the chaos of everyday life? 

Instead, step into empowerment and embark on a transformational journey towards freedom and peace.  This journey will be worth it

How the JoyPath Process Works

"I recommend this group to everyone everywhere! I wish every Christian organization and every church would make JoyPath groups a requirement for their leadership and make them available to their members. I wish everyone could do this!"
-JoyPath Group Member, Oconomowoc, WI

Gain control of your life and find the freedom you need for peace!

Guided by neuroscience, Biblical principles, attachment theory, Somatic theory, and SFBT, this hopeful integrative approach is both relational and evidence-based, blending brain skills, relational practices, and spiritual formation to powerfully reshape your life to become the person God designed you to be.

Create Lasting Change

As a beloved child of God, you have a unique identity and purpose. Discover the tools and insights necessary to break negative patterns and shift to sustainable, positive change in your life and relationship.


Rediscover Your Power

JoyPath helps you uncover and fully embrace your true self and experience the tangible presence of Immanuel in your daily life overcoming the fears that hold you back in your relationships.


Build Strong Foundations

Establish a solid foundation of realtional skills full of vision, trust, understanding, and love that forms the basis of a healthy and thriving empowerment and connections.

Ready to experience your transformation?

Choose Your Tailored Services with JoyPath

JoyPath's array of services fit your journey to freedom and wholehearted living!
JoyPath Groups

Join a community of kindred spirits on a transformative journey to a joyful, whole-hearted life. Guided by neuroscience and biblical wisdom, this relational approach blends brain skills, relational practices, and spiritual disciplines to powerfully reshape your life and help you become the person God designed.

1:1 Integrative Private Coaching

Feeling stuck in life's challenges can leave you weary. However, with integrative coaching, the magic of hope awakens, empowering you to navigate even the most daunting situations or fractured relationships with renewed vigor and peace. Discover the transformative power of embracing inner growth - a journey towards wholeness and resilience.

1:1 Immanuel Approach Prayer

Discover deep peace and connection with God through the Immanuel Approach. This inner-healing prayer releases emotional trauma and cultivates a thriving relationship with Immanuel, "God with us". With gentle guidance, access this life-changing connection for transformational spiritual growth.

Take Your Confident Step towards Peace Today.

From restoring shattered relationships to uncovering a deep connection with Immanuel, clients achieve life changing transformation.

Receive Your Free Essential JoyPath Quieting Exercises

Studies show that quieting from big emotions is crucial for vibrant mental health. Quieting your mind helps regulate emotions, manage emotional fluctuations and return to peace. Incorporating these practices into your daily life promotes resilience and strength, leading to your greater overall wellbeing.

Join Your Journey to Joy & Fulfillment

From JoyPath's Founder:

Imagine a path that leads to a place of deep, profound connection and understanding. A place where you can not only discover the secrets of your own heart but also share them with those who matter most to you. This is the journey we embark on with the Life Model, and it’s why I’ve made the transition from pursuing professional counseling to Integrative coaching and inner healing work.

In my practice, I’ve seen the power of this approach. I’ve seen people transform not just their relationships, but their entire lives. Through helping uncover God’s blueprint for life, clients learned to live with intention, to make choices that align with their deepest values, and to build relationships that are a source of joy and fulfillment…

Joanna Hughes, Founder
P.S. This path requires courage and commitment! If you're curious to start a journey that can transform your life, JoyPath is here for you. Let's walk this path together.
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Choose Your Integrative Coaching Session

Private One-on-One Integrative Coaching Session – The magic of hope awakens you to navigate even the most daunting situations or fractured relationships with renewed empowerment and peace.

Extended Coaching Session – Extended private sessions are offered to you to dig deep into an area of desired breakthrough

Transformation Private Coaching Package – Clients report that 12 sessions yield powerful life transformation. This package includes 12 sessions for the price of 10–2 FREE sessions! Buy now, and schedule in-person or virtual sessions at your leisure! (1 session per week maximum)

Choose Your Immanuel Appoach Inner Healing Prayer Session

This inner-healing prayer releases emotional trauma and cultivates a thriving relationship with Immanuel, “God with us”.

Request Joy Path Calming Exercises

Choose Your Complimentary Call:

Consultation Call –  Receive guidance in selecting the perfect sessions for your needs.

Discovery Call – Let’s uncover your reasons for seeking transformation, unpack your intentions and motivations, and how JoyPath services connect with your aspirations.

How to Gain Respect, Reconnect & Rev Up Your Love Life.

Dear Friend,

I’m so glad you want to receive JoyPath’s Free Training on How to Gain Respect, Reconnect & Rev Up Your Love Life.

In this training, I will show you:

  • Three key secrets for empowering him to act like a man and take initiative.
  • How to operate out of your feminine gifts to ignite his “hero gene” to make you happy.
  • Three critical ways to express your desires and make your relationship peaceful and easy again.
  • A few key steps you can take today to feel more confident and more desired.
  • How to stop feeling like his mother and feel like his lover forever.
  • What to do when there’s an affair, he’s left, or he says he no longer loves you or is attracted to you.

I personally applied these powerful skills in my own relationship, and I can’t wait to share about how much I learned about myself and why I joined forces with New York Times best selling author of The Surrendered Wife and The Empowered Wife, Laura Doyle on her mission to end world divorce.

You may be craving more intimacy or, maybe, you’ve just lost the spark in your marriage or you can’t figure out why he watches more TV than he pays attention to you. Maybe you’re exhausted from having to do everything. During the workshop, I’ll show you how you can get a lot more help at home and get a lot more time back. I’ll show you how you can express your desires in a way that inspires him to surprise you with sweet gifts and help with the dishes!

Maybe you’ll be surprised to learn that I was struggling. Even though I read lots of marriage material, it wasn’t until I learned intimacy skills and started applying them in my marriage when things turned completely around at my house.

I can’t wait to show you how you can rev up your love life and restore intimacy and peace in your relationship!

You’ll receive all the details to join me in my workshop when you sign up below.

See you in the training!

Coach Joanna
JoyPath Founder, Certified Laura Doyle Relationship Coach, Integrative Coach