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The Life Model in a Nutshell

In the Life Model, we discover an insightful framework that illuminates how God has intricately designed us to flourish and grow throughout our lives. This visionary model offers a profound perspective on our journey towards maturity, highlighting the essential elements needed to bridge any gaps along the way. Central to the Life Model is the

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Practicing Presence And Sidestepping Unsolicited Advice in JoyPath Groups

Summary: This piece delves into the complexities of interpersonal connections, underscoring the potential pitfalls of well-meaning but unsolicited advice. Although such advice is intended to be helpful, it can often lead to increased stress and negatively impact relationship dynamics. The discussion advocates for a practice of restraint and deep listening to promote the cultivation of

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Learn more about Dr. Karl Kehman and his work in creating the Immanuel Approach to Inner Healing:
Visit here to learn more about online groups that experientially practice the Life Model
Explore more about online Relationship Coaching that serve clients through insights about the Six Intimacy Skills
Explore Life Model Works and discover how their offerings integrate maturity, healing, and the Christian walk.
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