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Guiding clients from hopeless despair to hopefulness, and from resentment to empowerment, is not just theoretical—it’s a transformative journey I have personally walked.
-Joanna Hughes, JoyPath Founder

Dear Friend,

Imagine a path that leads to a place of profound connection and understanding. It is a place where you can discover the secrets of your heart and share them with those who matter most to you. This is the journey we embark on with the Life Model, and it is why I have transitioned from pursuing work with professional counseling to Integrative  coaching and inner healing work…

Joanna Hughes

If you are ready to embark, JoyPath is also ready. Rather than managing you, we walk with you, listen, and help you uncover the path to wholehearted living. Let’s thrive together!

About JoyPath Coaching Founder

Joanna Hughes, a believer and dedicated disciple of Christ, is a certified relationship coach who is trained in mental health. She is also trained and mentored in the Immanuel Approach to inner healing, and a certified Journey group leader of this comprehensive program through Alive and Well, Inc. She formed JoyPath out of her heart’s desire to bring these powerful services to her local community. She is  happily married to her husband of 22 years. They share in the delight of raising three girls. She is passionate about her family, the arts, and special needs advocacy.

Discover the empowering impact of JoyPath's work, where clients thrive.

"Before coaching, I was in despair. My husband had relapsed with his addiction and I had found out we were in debt, almost bankrupt. I was resentful AND afraid, and there was no hiding it. Joanna’s calmness and her warmth really put me at ease right away. She is a deep listener, and I always felt heard and supported by her. Through coaching, I developed confidence in myself, trust in my husband, and the ability to show up as my authentic and empowered self. This was the best investment in myself I ever made."
Chana Basya Rauch, age 70 Together 39 years,
married 37

Unleash Your Full Potential with JoyPath's Compassionate, Empowering Coaching

JoyPath understands that everyone has unique circumstances and concerns and believes in providing exceptional service that fits their specific needs. What sets JoyPath Coaching apart is helping from a place of personal healing. Having walked a path towards relational and inner healing and trained extensively with experts in the field, JoyPath offers a unique blend of services, coupled with compassion and a deep understanding.

Proven Success:

JoyPath's methods are based on the principles of expert relationship coaches, as well as the works of Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Karl Lehman, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Laura Doyle, among others. These approaches have been proven effective in restoring love and harmony in relationships and transforming lives worldwide.

Empowering Perspective:

JoyPath empowers individuals to rediscover their inner strength, develop their relational skills, and step into the true self that God meant for them. This enables them to create positive changes in their lives and relationships from a place of authenticity and love.

Personalized Approach:

JoyPath believes that every relationship is unique, which is why JoyPath's services are tailored to meet specific needs and goals. Together with clients, personalized paths are uncovered to move beyond challenges and create a clear roadmap for success.

Extensive Experience:

Through years of working with individuals, JoyPath has helped individuals transform their lives and relationships and find lasting happiness.

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Consultation Call – Receive guidance in selecting the right sessions for your needs.

Discovery Call – Let’s uncover your reasons for seeking transformation and how JoyPath services connect with your aspirations.

Choose Your Session:

Private One-on-One Integrative Coaching Session – The magic of hope awakens you to navigate even the most daunting situations or fractured relationships with renewed empowerment and peace. 

Extended Coaching Session – Extended private sessions are offered to you to dig deep into an area of desired breakthrough

Transformation Private Coaching Package – Clients report that 12 sessions yield powerful life transformation. This package includes 12 sessions for the price of 10 (2 FREE sessions) Buy now, and schedule in-person or virtual sessions at your leisure. (1 session/week maximum)

Immanuel Approach Prayer – An inner-healing prayer that releases emotional trauma and fosters a thriving relationship with God.

JoyPath Groups  – To join these transformative groups, contact JoyPath to be added to the waitlist.

Choose Your Complimentary Call:

Consultation Call –  Receive guidance in selecting the perfect sessions for your needs.

Discovery Call – Let’s uncover your reasons for seeking transformation, unpack your intentions and motivations, and how JoyPath services connect with your aspirations.