Immanuel Approach Prayer

Experience a Powerful Pathway to Growth and Spiritual Transportation

Encounter deep emotional healing through the Immanuel approach. By connecting with Immanuel, or “God with us”, this method can loosen the grip of emotional pain and foster a flourishing relationship with our Abba, Father. With gentle facilitation, you will be assisted in accessing this life-changing connection for transformational spiritual growth.

What is Immanuel Approach?

The Immanuel Approach is a therapeutic method developed by Dr. Karl Lehman that integrates modern neuroscience, attachment theory, and spiritual principles to promote healing and connection with God.

  • It is founded on the belief that we are wired for connection with God and others, and trauma arises from feeling isolated and alone in our pain.
  • This approach guides individuals through a process of inviting God into their pain, creating a safe space for engaging with Him, asking Him questions, and listening for His responses.
  • As a result, clients develop a deeper connection with God, gain insight into how He sees them, and experience a sense of healing and restoration in all areas of their lives.
  • By cultivating an Immanuel lifestyle, individuals are empowered to walk more closely with God and foster an ongoing relationship with Him characterized by trust, love, and intimacy.

The Immanuel Approach is a powerful, gentle, and effective method for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God and experience healing in their lives that comes from conecting intimately with Abba, Father.

Benefits of the Immanuel Approach

Deep Emotional Healing

The Immanuel Approach enables you to process past hurts, traumas, and unresolved emotions in the presence of a caring facilitator and the God who loves you unconditionally. By engaging with Immanuel, you can experience profound emotional healing and freedom from the burdens that have weighed you down.

Strengthened Spiritual Connection

Immanuel Approach sessions provide a unique opportunity to connect with God in a personal and tangible way. As you open yourself to His presence, you can deepen your relationship with Him, gain clarity in your spiritual journey, and experience His love, guidance, and comfort

Sense the Abiding Presence of Immanuel, "God with Us"​

The Bible teaches that God wants to connect with us, and we should talk to Him about everything without fear. Guided Immanuel Approach is a powerful tool for sensing the abiding presence of Immanuel.​

Transformation in Relationships

The Immanuel Approach not only focuses on individual healing but also brings transformation to your relationships. By engaging with Immanuel in a safe and supportive environment, you can experience healing and restoration in your connections with others, leading to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Hear what clients have to say...

“The Immanuel Approach has helped me find healing and freedom from long-standing emotional wounds. The facilitator created a safe and non-judgmental space where I could explore my emotions and encounter God’s love. The growth I’ve experienced in my relationship with God and others is beyond words.”
-Immanuel Approach Recipient
“I came to the Immanuel Approach seeking healing from past trauma and a desire to deepen my connection with God. The sessions were incredibly transformational. Through the gentle guidance of my facilitator, I was able to encounter God’s presence in a profound way and experience healing on a deep emotional level. It has been life-changing.”
-Immanuel Approach Recipient
“Engaging with the Immanuel Approach has brought a profound shift in my spirituality. Through the sessions, I have learned to recognize God’s presence in my daily life and experience His love and guidance in tangible ways. It has transformed my faith and given me a sense of peace and purpose.”
-Immanuel Approach Recipient
"I went into my Immanuel Approach session not knowing what to think. During my session, I met with God in such an intimate way that I have begun to reframe how I see Him in my life—more like an intimate friend and Father who loves me instead of a distant far away maker. I realized that He loves connecting with me. It is why He made me!"
-Immanuel Approach Recipient

Why Choose JoyPath?

There is extensive experience in facilitating Immanuel Approach sessions and guiding individuals toward emotional healing and spiritual growth. JoyPath brings a depth of knowledge and skill that comes from years of dedicated practice and ongoing training.

JoyPath understand that each person’s journey is unique, and sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Through attentive listening and compassionate support, a safe space is created for you to explore, heal, and grow in your relationship with God.


JoyPath empowers individuals to rediscover their inner strength and embrace their values they were uniquely designed with by their Creator, enabling them to create positive changes in their relationships from a place of authenticity and love.

Your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to JoyPath. JoyPath’s sessions provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express yourself and receive the support you need.

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This inner-healing prayer releases emotional trauma and cultivates a thriving relationship with Immanuel, “God with us”.