“Before working with Joanna, I was very unhappy and overwhelmed with the state of my marriage (and family life in general). I didn’t want to be married to my husband anymore – and there wasn’t anything I could pinpoint our issues on… except him! I knew that I would not leave because of my own personal and faith convictions, but I felt stuck, even after years of couples therapy. I did not know what to do and felt very hopeless and defeated.

Right away, I knew I could trust Joanna. I felt heard, experienced understanding without judgment, and knew I would always be pointed in the direction of hope and love if I went to her for help. From what I learned, I knew she had faced similar – and far greater – challenges in her own marriage and had overcome them, so I trusted you as a deep well of wisdom because of that.

Our sessions were incredible! I felt so unbelievably blessed and highly favored to have had her in my life – I wish everyone could experience coaching with her! In sessions, I always felt heard and seen – but not just on the surface level. She heard and saw with true “heart-sight” – calling out from the deep well within. She had a magical way of getting to the root of the issue each 4me, and always with understanding – and such grace! Even when I would come struggling and feeling like a failure with the skills, I felt that she was so patient with my own growth. She would see the best in me, pointing out both the evidence of my growth and the evidence of fruit in my relationship with my husband. I loved how she would use her own experiences to communicate ideas and practical steps she had taken (and the outcomes of those steps). It made me feel like I wasn’t alone. She never denied where there were challenges beyond my control, and she empathized with them, but she also had eyes to see the best in my husband and others in my life as well. And rather than focusing on what I couldn’t control, she would gently and lovingly redirect and encourage me – lifting me up to see how I could set the tone in my relationships. I have the power to restore respect, to listen well, and to set an atmosphere of connec4on – regardless of where the other person is at. And I can speak life or death with my words.

Learning intimacy skills in a book is one thing, but she puts her hands and feet to skills. She could easily see my blind spots. With Joanna, I had someone to help consider practical steps in how to move forward differently to get a different outcome. Someone who deeply cares for me and wants the best for me and my marriage.

All in all, I experienced kindness, grace, patience, hope… love!

Most of all, I think I have benefited personally from gaining some personal dignity! I am a kinder, more gracious person, as I have experienced that kindness and grace with Joanna in coaching. My marriage has markedly improved, to the point that friends and acquaintances alike have no4ced the difference in me and in my family. A huge win for me was when my husband himself acknowledged that he feels so much more respected by me and thanked me for the work I have done in restoring harmony in our marriage and family. He could see how this has changed so much in our lives, and I am very grateful that I had Joanna in my corner! I do not know what I would have done without her to guide me and cheer me on! She has been invaluable in my life! I would absolutely recommend private coaching with Joanna!”

-K. S., from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, married 12 years

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