“Prior to working with Joanna, I was very lost in life and wasn’t sure where to go or how to get through each day. My husband was telling me he wanted other women in our marriage and he then just left me and the kids. I couldn’t eat sleep or function. I’d say it was the lowest point in my life. I decided to get coaching with Joanna because I had no options left. I had tried everything I could think of myself and everyone in my life wanted me to file for divorce which I was not ready to do at the time. I had no support for staying in the marriage and no one to talk to.

With Joanna, In Every Session, I Gained New Hope For Myself. I Felt Relieved Someone Was Understanding And Supported Me. After Each Session, I’d Feel A Little More Empowered And Learned Who I Was And That I Had Every Reason In The World To Love Myself. You Had A Talent For Putting My Thoughts And Feelings Into Words That Made So Much More Sense Than I Was Able To Say Myself.

Wow, I Had So Many Benefits From Our Private Coaching! I Was Finally Able To Love, Value, And Appreciate Myself. I Learned Steps I Could Take To Create My Own Happiness.  I Was Finally Able To Be The Person I Truly Wanted To Be My Whole Life. I Got The Courage To Follow Through On A Dream I’ve Had For Years. I’ve Increased The Amount Of Work I Can Get Done And Deepened The Connection I Have With Other People. I’ve Also Become An Even Better Mom Than I Could Have Ever Thought Possible.

What I Learned About Intimacy Skills Has Changed My Life In Every Area, So I Would Most Definitely Recommend Private Coaching With Joanna! It Gave Me The Step-By-Step Process To Become The Person I Wanted To Be. It Also Provided A Standard I Wanted To Get To That I Had No Idea Was Possible For Me.”

~Jamie C., From Conroe, TX, Married 9 Years, Virtual Session Client

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